Sammy Terry Lives Forever . . .

Hatched in the early 1960s by Bob Carter, Sammy Terry – say it fast! – has been haunting the airwaves of central Indiana for decades. Many remember spending their Friday nights watching Nightmare Theater, hosted by Sammy Terry.

Generations of Hoosiers have woken with a start, hearing the sinister, pale-faced ghoul’s ominous laugh in their nightmares. For a time, it seemed that Sammy Terry had returned to the netherworld which he inhabits, alone with his terrors and trusty sidekick, George.


Those days are but a distant, horrible memory. Sammy Terry has risen triumphantly from his coffin again!

Sammy Terry’s cape has been passed down to Bob’s son, Mark Carter. Though the weekly television program ended in 1989, Sammy Terry continues to lurk in the deep, dark recesses of our minds, ready to scare and delight fans old and new.

The Sammy Terry Nightmares streaming on-demand web series, seasonal TV specials, direct-to-DVD classic box sets, personal appearances, and timeless merchandise are now available, bringing the legend of Sammy Terry to new fans and reintroducing him to those who remember a time gone by.

Photos of Sammy in his Dungeon

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